FAQ: registering for courses in Department 1

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On registration

How do I register for seminars and lectures?

Please register in advance by e-mail directly with the lecturers.

How do I register for group lessons?

Unless otherwise stated, registration for group lessons is made directly via the teachers.

How do I register for individual lessons?

Individual lessons are not usually listed in the course catalog. They are allocated by the Student Services. Additionally requested one-to-one lessons in the elective area are an exception to this rule.

On creating your schedule

Which courses are offered?

You can get an overview of the courses on offer in the following ways:

  1. Via the course catalog of Department 1 (for your degree program) and Department 2 (for your theoretical subjects: musicology, music theory, aural training)
  2. If applicable, via your main subject teacher or corresponding subject teachers
  3. For orchestra here
  4. For choir here

Which seminars should/may I attend in which semester?

The study plan in the course catalog provides information on which courses are scheduled in which semester. The semesters are listed in the top row; the subjects sorted by module (modules 1-5) are listed in the far left column. The intersection shows which courses you must attend in which semester.

In the module descriptions, the courses are explained in more detail by year and module. They also state, for example, whether it is a one-to-one or a group lesson, a seminar or a lecture and which assessment is required (e.g. examination, test, presentation, participation) etc. Each module description is assigned a number (module number), which is sometimes important for finding a course in the course catalog.

You can then search for the course titles from the curriculum and the module descriptions in the corresponding course catalog. The course titles in the course catalog usually list which degree program, which module, which module number and which semester the course is assigned to. This way you can be sure that you are attending the right course. Of course, you can also ask the lecturers.

What do I have to consider in the catalog of electives?

Not all of the subjects listed in the electives catalog can be taken every semester. If in doubt, please contact the Dean's Office of Department 1 to find out whether the subject is currently offered. There is one special feature to note if you would like to take one-to-one lessons as part of the electives catalog: You must have applied for this by the end of the previous semester (however, in the Bachelor's degree, this is only possible from the second semester onwards). The application is made via CampusWEB. You will receive information about the regulations and the application deadline each semester by e-mail from the Dean's Office.

How do I get 1 credit point in movement studies?

There are three ways to get a signature for 1 CP:

  1. For weekly attendance of a course from "The Artist's Body / Daily" (e.g. yoga or tai chi)
  2. For attending two weekend workshops of "The Artist's Body / Workshop" (e.g. "Stage Fright" and "Body Mind Presence")
  3. For attending "The Artist's Body" symposium and participating in a weekend workshop.

The courses offered in the field of movement studies can be found in the flyers available at the university and in the course catalog of Department 1.

How do I attest my participation in a course?

It is best to have your successful participation in a course confirmed by the lecturer during the last lesson of the semester. To do this, please bring the so-called module certificates with you, which can be found in your student handbook. The module certificates can also be downloaded from the homepage and printed out. The lecturer will confirm your successful participation with their signature.

Please contact the Examinations Office to find out who is responsible for entering the examination results on the module certificate and how to obtain the signatures of the examiners and module coordinators.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

The Dean's Office of Department 1 will be happy to answer any further questions you may have. You will find us in room A 150 of the main building at Eschersheimer Landstraße 29-39. The office is usually open from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

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