Faculty 1

Faculty 1 consists of the educational areas of Instrumental Studies and Conducting, Instrumental Pedagogy, Historical Interpretation Practice, and Sacred Music, and currently educates over 400 students.

Study in Faculty 1

Dean and Associate Dean

Deanery Office

Deanery Office

Deanery Office

Training directors

Training directors

Instrumental Studies (Focus: Performance)

Prof. Florian Hölscher
Deputy Prof. Hansjacob Staemmler

Instrumental Studies (Focus: Teaching)


Church Music

Prof. Stefan Viegelahn
Deputy Prof. Florian Lohmann

Historical Interpretation Practice (HIP)

Prof. Eva Maria Pollerus
Deputy Prof. Petra Müllejans

Faculty Council

Faculty Council

Full-time lecturers (Professors)

Prof. Christopher Brandt (Dean)
Prof. Eva Maria Pollerus
Prof. Jan Ickert
Prof. Oliver Kern
Prof. Angelika Merkle
Prof. Tim Vogler


Jonas Klepper
Bodam Lee
Elisabeth Stoll
(Deputy: Sonja Karl)

Start of term: 1. April 2023