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The University of Music and Performing Arts Frankfurt am Main, as a university of the State of Hesse, is both a public corporation and a state institution. It is legally represented by the President Prof. Elmar Fulda.

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Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt am Main
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The General Students' Committee (AStA) of the HfMDK maintains its own web pages within the HfMDK website, for which the members of the AStA are responsible for editing and content.


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Portrait von Lorna Lüers
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Lorna Lüers

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Lorna Lüers

Digitale KommunikationPresse und Kommunikation
Lorna Lüers uses the pronouns sie/ihr.
Portrait von Lorna Lüers
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Lorna Lüers creates and updates this profile personally - and is consequently responsible for texts, media, external links and all other content.