THE ARTIST'S BODY / Expert Commission

The HfMDK is one of the few art and music universities that treats movement and body awareness in artistic training as a core subject with a strong focus on interdisciplinarity - rather than reducing these topics to a minor position.

The Artist's Body is a broad-based and cross-curricular model: in addition to daily courses during the semester and workshop series, symposia are held with renowned guests on interdisciplinary topics that combine science, art, culture and education.

The additional range of courses such as Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Yoga, Thai Chi, Qigong, Breath Training, Dispokinesis, Body-Mind Centering or Gyrokinesis is aimed at all students and teaching staff at the university.

»When I stretch my body, I stretch my mind.«Guillermo de La Chica López (Student Dance Bachelor)

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