CampusWEB offers students and teachers a range of important services. In the course of the expansion of our software, new services will be successively made available to you in CampusWEB.



Services for students

Services for students

Under My Documents:

Under My bills:

  • Overview of all bills
  • Download the invoices for the semester fee
  • Download the receipt for paid bills

Under My applications:

Under Emphasis Selection:

Once an emphasis choice is unlocked for you, you can select your emphasis. You will be notified of upcoming emphasis choices via email.

Services for teaching staff

Services for teaching staff

Under Class Directory:

  • Download the class directory
  • Confirmation of the class list

Under Application:

  • Review of application documents

Under Aptitude test:

  • Evaluation of the aptitude tests

Questions and contact

Do you have questions about CampusWEB? Feel free to contact us at

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