Advice and help for students

We value trusting relationships and respectful and appreciative actions. In our mission statement, we are committed to actively combating discrimination, bullying and abuse of power.

Counseling for students: Protected and confidential

All conversations with the university's counselors take place in a protected space and are subject to confidentiality. Information from the conversation is only passed on with the explicit consent of the person concerned, and measures are likewise only initiated with the explicit consent of the person concerned.

We all help

You are not sure who is the right contact person for your problem? No problem: If you are looking for advice, you can contact any advisor - they will help and refer you if necessary.

Open office hours - Room C 202

Open office hours - Room C 202

During the lecture period, open consultation hours take place several times a week in the consultation room C 202, which you can attend without prior registration. In addition, you have the possibility to make individual appointments outside these time slots by contacting the advisors directly. You can find the respective contact details via the links below.

Below is an overview of the regular open office hours offered in Room C 202 beginning 10/23/2023. Please feel free to visit us if something is on your mind, if you have questions or concerns, or even if you have ideas or suggestions about our topics and would like to discuss them with us.
We look forward to seeing you!


Monday, 4-6 p.m., weekly (Prof. Silke Rüdinger, Anti-Discrimination Officer)


Tuesday, 5-7 p.m., weekly (Sabine Schubert, Central Women's and Equal Opportunity Officer)

Thursday, 3-5 p.m., weekly (Lisa Beck, Deputy Central Women's and Equal Opportunity Officer)

Psychosocial Counseling

Wednesday, 2-4 p.m., on the following dates:

  • 01.11.2023
  • 15.11.2023
  • 29.11.2023
  • 13.12.2023
  • 10.01.2024
  • 24.01.2024
  • 07.02.2024

(Nina Müller, Psychologist M.Sc., Team Leader Psychosocial Counseling)

Consultation, talks, help

Consultation, talks, help

Offers at a glance

Advice on the subject of study

Advice on the subject of study

Do you have questions about individual courses, about modules, or are you not sure how to put together your schedule? Then contact the dean's offices in your department.




Complaints Office for Discrimination

In addition to counseling, those affected by discrimination can complain to the Complaints Office. The complaint opens a procedure which becomes known to the university management, i.e. it is not subject to confidentiality. The procedure opens the possibility to impose sanctions against the discriminating persons.

Contact N.N.

Complaints office on study conditions

Students can complain about study conditions to the Complaints Office. The Complaints Office works out solutions to problems in consultation with the departments and the university management. The procedure is not subject to confidentiality.

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