Students, teachers and employees of the HfMDK Frankfurt am Main can connect wirelessly to the Internet via the Wi-Fi of the HfMDK Frankfurt with their notebook, smartphone, etc..

To do so, you will need a Wi-Fi-enabled device and a valid HfMDK account.

Information about the HfMDK account

Members of other universities, colleges and other institutions participating in DFN roaming or eduroam can use the HfMDK Frankfurt Wi-Fi with the user ID of their home institution.

The Wi-Fi of the HfMDK Frankfurt am Main is currently available at the main location in Eschersheimer Landstr. 29-39, as well as in the building Gervinusstraße 15.

Wireless networks

Wireless networks

The wireless networks of the HfMDK

As a general rule, use of the Wi-Fi is permitted exclusively for university business. The operation of personal wireless networks on the university campus is strictly prohibited.

Wi-Fi instructions

Wi-Fi instructions

General security information

Many devices and operating systems allow you to connect to the wireless network without checking the security certificate. Therefore, please carry out all the steps listed in the instructions to the end, as this is the only way to ensure that your personal access data is protected from being spied out by third parties.

If you are unsure about the complete setup on your end device, please set up the Wi-Fi again if in doubt. We will be happy to help you with this.

Please also note that when using eduroam, your personal access data will never be requested via a web page in your browser.

Data protection on mobile devices

Please configure the automatic backup of your end devices so that the personal access data of your HfMDK account (username and password) are not stored on the servers of the device manufacturer/system provider (Google, Apple, etc.). Otherwise, this creates serious security risks! This storage is also extremely problematic in terms of data protection law.

Set up Wi-Fi: Instructions (in German)



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