Set up Wi-Fi: macOS

Set up Eduroam via Eduroam-Cat

  • Have your HfMDK account username and password ready.
  • Call up the page via your browser
  • Click on "Download your eduroam installation program here"
  • Select "University of Music and Performing Arts" from the list on the right-hand side
  • Select your user group:
    - students: Students
    - staff: Teaching staff (professors, lecturers, etc.)
    - administration: administrative staff
  • The page usually recognizes which system is running on your device and automatically offers you the appropriate installer.
  • If you need the installer for a different system, please click on "All platforms". A list of all available systems will then appear
  • Click on "Continue" in the pop-up window
  • Open your download folder and click on the installation file
  • Under "Data protection and security", go to "Profiles" and confirm the Eduroam profile here
  • Enter your user data and then click on "Install"
  • Enter your local login data
  • You have successfully installed the network profile

User principal name

Your user principal name is made up of your user name (e.g. abc52) and the respective domain (e.g. students/staff/verw):


Set up Wi-Fi: Instructions