Set up Wi-Fi: iOS

Organizational and technical requirements

  • Account and access data: You have a valid HfMDK account or another account of an institution participating in Eduroam (from the end of Q3/18). You know your full user name and your valid password.
  • If possible, install the latest version of iOS including all available updates. This is the only way to ensure stable use of the WLAN. If you have any questions, please contact the computer center directly.

Install Eduroam with the corresponding app

  • In order not to burden your mobile data, log in to the university's guest WLAN (hfmdk-guests) with your user data (user principal name and password)
  • Download the "geteduroam" app.
  • In the app, select the university as the organization and then its user group
  • Then you must enter your user principal name and your assigned password.
  • Confirm the app's requests on your device.
  • You are then either already connected directly to Eduroam or you still need to connect to Eduroam. You should then be connected to the internet via the eduroam WLAN network.

If you are unsure about this, we will be happy to help you set up your device.

User principal name:

Your user principal name is made up of your user name (e.g. abc52) and the respective domain (e.g. students/staff/verw):


Set up Wi-Fi: Instructions