FAQ about the aptitude tests and auditions

Zwei Studienbewerber*innen werden im Foyer der HfMDK von einem studentischen Mitarbeiter zur Eignungsprüfung beraten.
(Foto: Lena Bils)

What is tested in the aptitude test?

The aptitude tests of our study programs are individually tailored to these study programs. Therefore, please inform yourself in the aptitude test regulations and on the corresponding study program page. There you will find out more about the parts of the examination that you must take and pass.

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When will I know the result of my aptitude test?

After the aptitude tests, the university sends out notifications as to whether or not you will receive a study place. The processing time is influenced, among other things, by the number of applicants - therefore we cannot give an exact time window. However, we always try to inform you as soon as possible.

Can I practice for the aptitude at the HfMDK?

On your exam day(s), we will assign you practice rooms at the university. As a rule, this will give you the opportunity to settle in for 30 to 60 minutes before the exam. Beyond that, we are unfortunately unable to provide extra rooms for applicants.

Plakat an einer Glastür, die zu Überäumen der HfMDK führt. Aufschrift: Your practice starts right here.
(Foto: Lena Bils)

What happens during the aptitude test week?

During the week of June 20-25, all aptitude tests for our degree programs in Instrumental Studies and Conducting (Focus performance), Teaching music in schools, Historical Interpretation Practice, Instrumental Studies (Focus teaching) , Voice, Composition, Church Music, the Young Academy, or Chamber Music will take place.

Applicants usually arrive at the university in the morning (depending on the invitation) and take the necessary parts of the examination - sometimes in one day, sometimes several appointments over several days are necessary. This means that you will have to plan for some waiting time during the day - our courtyard, the refectory or cafés in the vicinity are also inviting places to spend time together with other applicants.

What does a typical exam day look like?

An aptitude test can be very exciting. Below you will find a description of a "typical" exam day so that you can prepare yourself for the procedures.

In the run-up to the aptitude test, you will receive an invitation to your examination dates from the Student Secretariat. Ususally you need to be at the university at least one hour before your first aptitude test. The staff of the Registrar's Office will already be waiting for you in the foyer of the university and will inform you of your exact examination time. After you have passed your exam (if you still have to take other parts of the exam), you can then report to the staff in the foyer again and will be assigned the next exam date.

Usually you will be assigned a practice room immediately before your exam period so that you can practise for the exam. You will also be given this room by the staff of the Student Administration Office when you register.

The examiners will be waiting for you at the end of the practice period. Therefore, go to your examination room on time and wait outside the door. The examiners will bring you in. In the exam itself, you will be asked at the very beginning if you feel you are eligible to take the exam. If you do, the examination will now begin. It depends on the examiners whether you are allowed to choose the order of your prepared pieces or whether this is given to you.

Don't be put off if the examiners stop you in the middle of a piece or only want to hear a certain section of your repertoire - the examination period is very tight, which is why not everything can always be heard.

Afterwards, the board will ask you to step outside so that they can consult. Usually you will find out immediately after the examination whether you have passed.

Good luck, we look forward to seeing you!

Who can help me at the university if I have a question?

Our study service is available for on site: We can be found in the foyer during the aptitude tests – our full-time and student employees are there for you.

Can I borrow sheet music for my audition at the university?

Borrowing from us is only possible for enrolled students. You should therefore be sure to bring your sheet music with you. In case of emergency we will gladly try to help.

Zwei Studienbewerberinnen für Geige spielen sich vor der Eignungsprüfung ein.
(Foto: Lena Bils)

What should I wear for my audition?

There is no dress code for the auditions - just choose clothes you feel comfortable in.

Is there a checkroom where I can leave my suitcase or instrument?

Unfortunately, no. You must keep track of your own luggage and instrument during your stay at the university.


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