Hungry? - 7 tips for your break during the aptitude tests

Drei bunte Liegestühle stehen einladend im Innenhof der HfMDK Frankfurt
Innenhof und Mensa der HfMDK bieten sich für Pausen an – aber bei großem und kleinem Hunger lohnt auch ein Ausflug ins Umfeld der Hochschule. (Foto: Laura Brichta)


The Gresso is a constant companion in everyday university life due to its geographical proximity alone and also a great tip for the time of your auditions! If you love Italian specialties and good coffee, you will definitely find what you are looking for here.

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The Huck Bakery is the perfect spot to start the day of the aptitude test with a pretzel or a sandwich. My secret tip: the focaccia with tomato and mozarella! There is also a very good vegan alternative with falafel!

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The Kaffeemacherei is about 4 minutes walk from the HfMDK. Here you will find a vegan heaven. The prices are a bit higher, but the selection is huge. In addition to a changing (really huge) selection of cakes, there are also smaller warm dishes, such as a vegan scrambled eggs on tofu basis (very tasty!) or waffles!

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Dliet serves incredibly delicious Eritrean food at reasonable prices. In addition, the owners of the restaurant are very friendly and always available for a conversation. My secret tip: the vegan plate!

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Oederweg is a true paradise for hungry people looking for a hot lunch. In addition to a Mexican eatery, Korean BBQ, and a Vietnamese restaurant, you'll also find excellent Indian cuisine here at EatDOORi. When the weather is nice, the summer garden is a must. Somewhat hidden, it surprises and captivates with its unique design.

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A short walk down the Grüneburgweg you will find the restaurant Dominion. At first glance, Dominion looks like any other burger joint, but animal welfare is very important here. Dominion exclusively serves vegan food. Anyone who has been here before can attest to the fact that there are no compromises in taste.

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Maria e Giovanni

Across from Rewe in Grüneburgweg (3 minutes walk from the HfMDK), you'll find Italian cuisine at a high level. Maria e Gioavanni convinces with their pizzas from the wood-fired oven. The restaurant is mid-priced, but the higher price is worth it. For those on a budget, there is also the Pizzaria San Marco diagonally across from the university.

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