Chamber music

The ensemble culture is held in the highest esteem at the HfMDK, it shapes the university and links students from all departments. What this leads to is shown not least by the many successful new ensembles founded by students, such as the string quartets Aris Quartett and Eliot Quartett or the Gutfreund Piano Trio.

Progressive ideas, international success

Without sound training, a supportive, open atmosphere, collaborations and progressive ideas, such successes would be almost inconceivable. We therefore attach the utmost importance to these factors: we regard chamber music at the HfMDK as the basis of all music-making and as a workshop for excellent ensemble playing, working door to door with the Institute for Contemporary Music IzM as well as the courses in Interpretive Practice and Teaching of New Music and Historical Interpretation Practice (HIP)

The Society of Friends and Patrons of the HfMDK also contributes instruments for success - in the truest sense of the word: since 2020, it has provided a high-quality string quartet on permanent loan for the chamber music training.

Individual profiles in piano chamber music and string chamber music

The Master's program is directed by Prof. Angelika Merkle (piano chamber music) and Prof. Tim Vogler (string chamber music). A concert exam can be obtained in each of the two specializations.

All students develop their own artistic profile - regardless of whether they see their future in an ensemble, an orchestra or in music education.

Piano chamber music and string chamber music can be chosen as focal points in the course of study, whereby in both cases the following applies: ensembles will always find a stage - both within the university and, for example, within the framework of the Chamber Music Competition of the Polytechnic Society, the Lenzewski Competition, at "Musik im Palmengarten" in Frankfurt and the Rheingau Music Festival.

Study programs & application information

Illustration zweier Hände in gelb und lila, die typische Handhaltungen von Kammermusiker*innen zeigen.
(Foto: Lisa Mahlberg)


On March 20 and 21, 2023, the renowned Fauré Quartet will be guests at the HfMDK for a master class. Erika Geldsetzer, Sascha Frömbling, Konstantin Heidrich and Dirk Mommertz will work intensively over two days with chamber music ensembles that participated in last year's International Schumann Chamber Music Prize. Admission is free - also to the final concert of the master class.

Chamber music in concert


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