Scholarships and Funding

Buntes Graffiti im Stadtbild: Eine Person auf einem Zebra, die Arme übervoll mit bunten Luftballons.
(Foto: Rebecca Hahn)

Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships and Grants

Antrag auf Zuschuss aus dem Stipendienfonds „Schimmelhaar, Saitenwechsel & Instrumentenwartung“

Für Studierende der Künstlerischen Instrumentalausbildung und Studierende der Lehramtsstudiengänge.

Additional scholarships are awarded to HfMDK students by the ArteMusica Foundation for Art and Culture, the Alix Steilberger Cultural Foundation, the Giovanni Omodeo Foundation, the Liesel and Gisela Christ Foundation, the Frankfurter Bachkonzerte e.V., the Rotary Club Frankfurt am Main/Römer and others.

Please contact the Fundraising Department for more information.

Search for other foundations and scholarship donors

In addition to the scholarships and awards listed here, there are other foundations that are eligible to support HfMDK students. You can search for suitable foundations and scholarship providers here, for example:

Projects and Master Classes

Projects and Master Classes

Funding for projects, master classes and more

Support from the friends and patrons (travel fund)

The Society of Friends and Patrons of the HfMDK e.V. (GFF) subsidizes student projects as well as travel to workshops, master classes or competitions.

Please contact the Fundraising Department for further information.

Förderantrag an die Gesellschaft der Freunde und Förderer der HfMDK Frankfurt e.V.

Für Studierende aller Studiengänge.

Project funding KunstPAKT

The project support fund KunstPAKT offers students of the HfMDK Frankfurt a free space for their own artistic ideas. KunstPAKT is an offer to students of all disciplines. The project funding supports art projects in which at least two HfMDK students work together in an interdisciplinary way and whose conception thinks beyond subject boundaries.

The contact person for KunstPAKT is Friederike Thielmann.

Information on how to apply for funding

Promotion of student activities by the student parliament

The StuPa would like to motivate the students to take their own initiative and to realize artistic, cultural, political, scientific as well as pedagogical projects outside the university offer.

Richtlinien zur Förderung studentischer Aktivitäten durch das Studierendenparlament

Antrag auf Förderung durch das StuPa

Crowdfunding with kulturMut

Record a CD or make a film: That costs money. As a kulturMut partner institution, we would like to introduce students and alumni to crowdfunding as an additional financing option for their own artistic projects.

"kulturMut" is crowdfunding for culture in the Rhine-Main region, for creative artists and culture enthusiasts. For everyone who wants to realize their artistic visions. And for everyone who wants a rich cultural scene. kulturMut is a regional platform on the web where artists and audiences come together. The crowdfunding initiative is supported by the Aventis Foundation Frankfurt and the Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain.

For every euro that young artists raise for their own projects via kulturMut, the participating foundations add 50 cents from the kulturMut funding pot. Financial support is provided for projects in the fields of music, performing and visual arts, literature or film.

If you are studying at the HfMDK and would like to start your own kulturMut project, Vanessa Seeberg in the Fundraising Department will be happy to advise you.

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