Re-registration deadline for the winter semester


Re-registration deadline for the winter semester 2022/23

03.07.2022 22:00 22.07.202210:00

Deadline for requests for leave of absence for the winter semester 2022/23

21.07.2022 22:00
subject to change

Re-registration for the 2022 summer semester will take place between Feb. 07 - Feb. 18, 2022.

1. Download invoice in CampusWEB

1. Download invoice in CampusWEB

You have received the access to the CampusWEB by e-mail.

Forgotten your access data?

Your matriculation number is your user name. If you do not remember your password, you can reset it by clicking on "Forgot your password".

Download invoice

Please download your invoice for the semester fee for the winter semester 2022/23 there. You will find your invoice from July 04, 2022 under "My Studies/My Invoices." You can find out how the invoice amount is made up under semester fees and charges.

If you do not see an invoice in CampusWEB, please contact the Registrar's Office immediately at

Deadline and purpose of payment

Please pay the invoice between July 04 and July 22, 2022.

Please indicate your invoice number followed by your surname and first name, e.g. „21-005432, Müller, Max“ as the reason for payment.

As soon as we have received your semester fee - this can take up to eight days - and all necessary documents have been received, you will be automatically re-registered.

2. Print certificate of study

2. Print certificate of study

After successful re-registration, you can download and print out your certificate of enrollment/BAföG certificate for the next semester yourself in CampusWEB. To do so, please go to the tab "My documents" in CampusWEB and select the desired document.

Can't print out your certificate of study?

If we are still missing documents from you that we need for re-registration, you will not be automatically re-registered and cannot yet print out any certificates.
Please contact us at to submit the missing documents via email. As soon as all documents are available, we will re-register you and you can also print out the study certificates you need.

3. Update student ID and semester ticket

3. Update student ID and semester ticket

After you have successfully re-registered, we will update your student ID and you will receive your new semester ticket. This is still necessary in person. Due to the ongoing pandemic, we would like to work with as few contacts as possible again. Please be sure to use the option explained below to have your ID card updated.

You can have your ID card updated during the following periods:

During the semester break:

Monday, 19.9.2022 - Friday, 23.9.2022
Monday, 26.9.2022 - Friday, 30.9.2022

At the beginning of the semester:

Monday, 17.10.2022 - Friday, 21.10.2022

On each of these days, the process is as follows:

9-11 a.m.: You drop your ID card in the urn at the entrance desk
11a.m.- 2p.m.: The student secretariat will process your ID card
2-3p.m.: You can pick up your ID card in the foyer of the university

Semester of leave or exmatriculation

Semester of leave or exmatriculation

If you would like to take a leave of absence application for the upcoming semester, please submit a leave request through CampusWEB. The deadline for submitting leave requests is July 22, 2022.
During your leave of absence, you will keep your student status and pay full semester fees.

If you wish to end your studies, please submit an application for de-registration through CampusWEB. In the case of timely de-registration, you will not be required to pay semester fees and we will cancel your invoice. Please note that you will only receive a certificate of exmatriculation if you apply for de-registration, but not if you do not re-register! You will need the certificate after graduation to present to authorities (also as proof to the pension insurance institution) or as proof of enrollment periods for other universities.

Fill out the application online

Click here to go to CampusWEB

From now on, applications for leave of absence and de-registration will be submitted via your own CampusWeb profile (and no longer as a paper application or as a PDF application sent by e-mail; the paper applications are no longer valid).
To complete the respective application, please log in to CampusWEB.
Then click on "My studies / My applications" and find the application "Leave of absence" or "Exmatriculation" in the section "Available applications".
The Registrar's Office will automatically receive the submitted application, process it, and then promptly send you an email confirmation if your application has been approved.


Reimbursement for the semester ticket

Reimbursement for the semester ticket

When and how can I have the RMV semester ticket fees refunded?

  1. Here you can find out about the refund of RMV semester ticket fees.
  2. Refund requests must be received by the AStA by one week after the start of the semester. For this purpose, please contact the AStA by e-mail:

Student teachers

L3 - Gymnasium: You pay your semester fee at the HfMDK as usual.
L1/2/5 – Grund-/Haupt-/Realschule: You pay your semester fee at the Goethe University as usual.

Any questions?

If you have any further questions, please contact the Student Secretariat: