If you wish to terminate your studies at the HfMDK or change your place of study, you must exmatriculate. The legal basis for this is § 11 of the Hessian Enrollment Ordinance in the currently valid version.

Before you exmatriculate, you must return all books and notes from the library, keys or other borrowed items and documents to the university.

Where do I have to submit the application?

Please go to CampusWEB and there to "My studies / My applications" and fill out the application for exmatriculation.

Click on "Fill out" to the right of the application. After you have entered all necessary information, click on "Save & Submit".

How does de-registration work?

1. Exmatriculation by application

You apply for exmatriculation via the online application in CampusWEB. Exmatriculation takes place at the time requested or, unless otherwise requested, at the end of the current semester. However, retroactive exmatriculation is excluded. After your application has been processed, you will receive an "Exmatriculation Certificate". This can be presented to the authorities (also as proof for the pension insurance institution) or as proof of enrollment periods for other universities.

2. Exmatriculation after re-registration and refund of semester fees

If you have already re-registered for the next semester following the semester of your exmatriculation, you can have the semester fee refunded by April 30 for the summer semester and by October 31 for the winter semester. A partial refund is not possible. A prerequisite for the refund is the return of your already stamped student ID (semester ticket).

Example: You have already re-registered on 20.2. for the coming summer semester (start 1.4.). Now, however, you do not want to continue your studies and apply for exmatriculation at the end of the winter semester (31.3.). In this case, you can get a refund of the semester fee already paid for the summer semester if you return your already stamped student ID (semester ticket). This application must be submitted to the Registrar's Office with all required documents by April 30 at the latest.

3. Exmatriculation ex officio

If you do not transfer the semester fee and do not respond to any e-mail reminders or written requests to re-register, i.e. if you let all deadlines (re-registration deadline and grace period) expire, you will be automatically exmatriculated. This form of exmatriculation is called exmatriculation ex officio.

Please note: You will only receive a certificate of exmatriculation with details of the periods of study if you apply for regular exmatriculation. You will often need this for presentation to authorities (also as proof to the pension insurance institution) or as proof of periods of enrollment for other universities.