Audio and video production

Recording audio and video under professional conditions - that's part of studying at the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts. We show some of these productions on YouTube, for example, in the playlist #recording_HfMDK.

Audio and video production

Aufnahmeraum des AV-Studios
AV-Studio: Blick in den Aufnahmeraum(Foto: Laura Brichta)

Recording in studios & concert halls

With its high-quality recording rooms (Small Hall, Large Hall, AV Studio) and constantly expanding, modern equipment, the AV Department team offers students the opportunity to gain experience with audio and video productions.

In addition, outstanding achievements of both students and teachers can be documented and, if necessary, published for representative purposes of the university.

Within the scope of the capacities, the creation of application and competition demos as well as recordings of class auditions and the like are possible. For more information on the planning and process of productions, please see the FAQ.

The offer of recordings and productions in the halls and in the AV studio does not only serve the purpose of documentation, but is understood with its staff as a component of teaching. For here it is not a matter of developing interpretation, but of reflecting interpretation within the respective medium. The AV department supports artistic education at every stage. The joint work of the students with the video producer/sound master (and specialist teacher*) promotes artistic development.

Geöffneter Flügel mit Mikrofonen im AV-Studio
(Foto: Laura Brichta)


In the audio/video studio, newly established in 2020, recordings of various kinds are made - from pure voice recordings to string quartet productions to the production of a jazz ensemble with several cameras.



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