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Culture knows no social standstill; it is characterized by movement, change and, in the best case, further development. We are concerned with the structural need for reform in theaters and orchestras as well as the overdue integration of new discourses on equality, justice, diversity and co-determination. From this we develop our questions: Which theater and orchestra models are capable of reform, which have fallen out of time? What instruments and concepts will be used to develop and implement new models, and what role will modern and ethical management in the theater and orchestra play in this?

For modern management in the theater and orchestra

The Master's in Theater and Orchestra Management is unique in Germany. In four semesters, it covers all the areas of expertise that are important in theater and orchestra practice today. The holistic course combines organizational, managerial and artistic aspects of theaters and orchestras.

Theater and orchestra management, economics, law and cultural policy, cultural theory and aesthetics, performance planning, production and communication are the focus, accompanied by intensive reflection on values, responsibility and perspectives in the cultural landscape. We train both for public organizations and for the independent scene: for professions in theaters, orchestras and festivals with great responsibility. In recent years, our graduates have all found challenging and demanding positions before or shortly after their final exams.

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» Theater and Orchestra Management is the only degree program in Germany that focuses on theaters and orchestras and discusses and analyzes the special requirements of this field. «Sophie Hein, Alumna
Portraitfoto Sophie Hein
Stecknadeln mit blauen und roten Köpfen in einer weißen Pinnwand
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The master's program in Theater and Orchestra Management maintains cooperative and project-related relationships with numerous institutions in the cultural field, especially in theaters and in the area of classical music.

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Gruppenfoto der Studierenden im TheO-Jahrgang 2025
Studierende des Jahrgangs 2025(Foto: privat)

The students in the TheO Master's program have very different study backgrounds and professional experience. This makes studying together particularly exciting and shapes each new cohort.

Students of the class 2023-2025

(from left to right), at the back: Eleonora Vacchi (B.A. Vocal Artistic, B.A. Vocal Pedagogy, Master Class Diploma Music Theater), Henrik Greiner (B.Sc. Business Administration), Hannah Pommerening (StEx L3 Music (major: Vocal) & English), Janina Haring (B.A.Theater, Film and Media Studies), Qi Chu (B.A. Composition), Sara Pavlović (B.A. Piano) front: So-Hee Kim (B.Mus. Coaching), Sophie Gebauer (B.A. Piano), Andréanne Brosseau (B.A. Classical and Contemporary Dance), Alba Cecilia Rivera Moreno (B.A. Singing), Ann-Sophie Reiser (B.A. Theater Studies & German Studies)

Students of the class 2022-2024

Josephine Plath (Bachelor of Arts Applied Media (Concert and Music Management)), Marie Schürmann (Bachelor of Arts Art, Music and Media: Organization and Mediation), Andrea Orozco (Bachelor of Arts Industrial Design (Stage Design)), Jinok Lee (Bachelor & Master of Music Violin Concerto), Vasilina Yfanti (Bachelor & Master of Music Flute Concerto), Mareike Lehne (Bachelor of Arts Cultural Studies and Aesthetic Practice; Music and Theatre), Laura Sundermann (Bachelor of Arts Drama), Emilio Castellanos Méndez (Bachelor of Music Opera Singing, Bachelor Business Administration and Management, Master Performing Arts Management)

Students of the class 2021-2023

(from left to right) Firmian Fischer (B.A. Intercultural Music and Event Management), Maike Menningen (Bachelor Opera and Concert), Pauline Jordan (Bachelor Singing Artistic-Pedagogical), Svenja Polonji (B.A. Applied Theatre Studies), Maya Herrera Torrez (B.A. Music and Theatre Studies), Sarah Franke (B.A. Cultural Work), Alina Salomon (B.A. Art, Music, Media: Organization and Mediation)

Students of the class 2020-2022

(from left to right) Josias Fröhlich (B.A. Business and Administration), Melina Eichenlaub (B.A. Theater, Film and Media Studies), Mona Stange (B.A. Literature, Culture, Media and Media Studies), Esther Sinka (B.A. Clarinet), Verena Strasser (Theater, Film and Media Studies), Vanessa Hartmann (B.A. German Studies and Art, Music, Theater), Janine Bürkli (B.A. Science in Social Work), Moritz Wendt (B.A. Trumpet), Jessica Weisskirchen (B.S. Earth Sciences and Environmental Geochemistry)

Students of the class 2019-2021

Rebecca Rasche (B.A. Theatre Studies and English Philology), Sophie Hein (B.A. Theatre Studies and Musicology), Tim Dokter (B.A. Art, Music and Media: Organization and Mediation), Rose Hunt (B.A. Flute), Maria Eckert (University Diploma in Stage Dance), Olivia Schädler (B.A. Musicology), Britta Horwath (B.A. Cultural and Media Education)

Students of the class 2018-2020

Johanna Kurth (B.A. Cultural and Media Education), Alexandros Ioannidis (B.A. Theatre Studies), Jasmin Münch (B.A. Art, Music and Media), Katharina Ebel (B.Ed. English/German Teacher Training), Pauline Halm (B.A. Culture and Management), Dorothea Stahlke (B.A. Musicology and Cultural Studies), Emma Atzenroth (B.A. Theatre Studies and French), Larissa Besler (B.A. Cultural Studies / Business Administration)

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Questions and contact

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Founded in 2002, the Hessian Theater Academy brings together all universities involved in theater training in Hesse as well as the Hessian state theaters, all municipal theaters and theaters from Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate. The wide variety of performing arts disciplines and their interconnections provide students with realistic and practical opportunities to prepare for the complexity of their artistic careers.