Master: Instrumental Studies (Focus: Teaching)

Course content

Course content

The aim of the master's degree program is to provide students with the competencies that enable them to independently practice the profession of an instrumental pedagogue - freelance or at a music school, vocational school or academy.

The study program is either in an artistic-pedagogical or in a pedagogical-scientific profile. The choice of profile is made after the second semester.

Performing arts and didactics

In addition, the program is designed to qualify students for a position in instrumental didactics and methodology at an academy or university. Further artistic and technical development on the respective main subject instrument, a comprehensive overview of learning fields and teaching methods as well as competencies in scientific thinking and working are indispensable skills that are demanded and promoted in the study program.

Studienverlaufsplan künstlerisch-pädagogisches Profil

Studienverlaufsplan pädagogisch-wissenschaftliches Profil

Modulbeschreibungen Master Instrumentalpädagogik (2014)

4 semesters
Standard duration of study
summer and winter semester
Start of study
Master of Music (M.Mus.)

Dates & Deadlines

Dates & Deadlines

Dates and Deadlines


MA Instrumental Studies (Focus: Teaching): Application deadline for the winter semester 2023/24

14.01.2023 23:00 01.03.202311:00

MA Instrumental Studies (Focus: Teaching): Aptitude test for the winter semester 2023/24

31.05.2023 22:00 07.06.202310:00
subject to change

Main subject tests for the aptitude tests for the winter semester 2023/24 in June 2023

Bassoon 06.06.
Cello 05.06.
Drumset 06.06.
Flute 01.06.
Guitar 06.06.
Piano 06.06.
Trumpet 02.06.
Viola 07.06.
Violin 02.06.



Admission to the master's program requires proof of a first professional university degree in the respective instrumental major subject, sufficient knowledge of the German language and a passed aptitude test.



Online application

What do I need for the application?

Proof of German language skills

Here you will find a list of required German language skills for all degree programs. Please check which of these requirements apply to your degree program.

Aptitude test

Aptitude test

The qualifying examination consists of a practical examination in the respective instrumental main subject, a teaching sample and a colloquium.

Eignungsprüfungsordnung der HfMDK Frankfurt (2022)

[120/2023, 12.12.2022] Gültig ab den Eignungsprüfungen zum WiSe 2023/24. // Valid as of the aptitude tests for the winter semester 2023/24.

Study and Examination regulations

Study and Examination regulations

The Study and Examination Regulations (SPO) set out the framework conditions and regulations for your studies. They apply together with the General Regulations (for Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes) or the SPoL (for teacher training degree programmes). All versions of the SPO for your degree programme (including earlier versions for students of previous academic years) can be found at Examinations.

Lesefassung: Allgemeine Bestimmungen für Bachelor- und Masterstudiengänge der HfMDK Frankfurt

Stand: 27.05.2019

Lesefassung: Studien- und Prüfungsordnung für den Masterstudiengang Instrumentalpädagogik

nicht-amtliche Lesefassung. Stand: 13.06.2022

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Questions & Contact

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