Here you will find, sorted by study program, current deadlines for exam registration, as well as information, applications and forms for exams at the HfMDK.

The basis for your examinations is always your respective study and examination regulations. These apply in conjunction with the General Regulations or the SPoL for teacher training programs. You should know your respective regulations; we therefore recommend that you read them at the latest when you start your studies.

The General Regulations are framework regulations for all Bachelor's and Master's degree programs offered at the HfMDK.

Lesefassung: Allgemeine Bestimmungen für Bachelor- und Masterstudiengänge der HfMDK Frankfurt

Stand: 27.05.2019

The Study and Examination Regulations for Teacher Training Courses (SPoL) apply to the teacher training courses. It applies in conjunction with the respective subject annexes: e.g. music (at HfMDK) and your second subject (at Goethe University).

Allgemeine Studien- und Prüfungsordnung für die Lehramtsstudiengänge SPOL (2016)


Illness on the examination date

If you are ill on the examination date, you are obliged to inform the Examinations Office immediately in accordance with §21 (2) General Regulations. The information must be given before the scheduled start of the examination, the certificate must be received by the examination office within 3 working days. We recommend sending the certificate in advance by e-mail.

Exams during a leave of absence

As a rule, no course work or examinations may be taken during a semester of leave. For exceptions see: Leave of absence.

Office hours for admission to exams


Overview of the study programs

Overview of the study programs

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Questions and Contact

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