Our tasks

As the executive body of the student body, the AStA (Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss) is responsible for the day-to-day business of the student body and represents its interests both within the university and vis-à-vis organizations outside the university (e.g. the RMV or the Studentenwerk).

If you have questions that go beyond the subject-related matters of your field of study, you can turn to the AStA in confidence. You can, for example, have your student projects funded (see Funding) and apply for a loan in case of financial difficulties (see Services and Offers). In addition, the AStA is the organizer of the legendary university parties. It fulfills its university political responsibility by participating in internal university committees such as the Senate and by supporting student working groups.

Outside the university, the AStA takes a stand as a student body on (university) political, cultural and social issues.

The AStA is elected at the beginning of each summer semester by the student parliament (StuPa) from among its members. Every student at the university can stand for election to the StuPa and thus to the AStA. The StuPa meetings usually take place once a week and are announced two days in advance. The free project-related cooperation of students is welcome.

Satzung der Studierendenschaft der HfMDK Frankfurt (2022)

[121/2023, 20.12.2022]

Geschäftsordnung des Studierendenparlaments (2016)

[55/2016, 11.02.2016]

Finanzordnung der Studierendenschaft


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