MA CoDE: Winter semester 20/21

Dance Politic, 28 February - 03 March 2021

At the end of the semester, students will meet with representatives of associations, foundations and initiatives that have been advancing the development and visibility of dance in recent years. This will be curated digitally or live together with the students.

Excursion Schlosstheater Moers, 25 - 27 February 2021

With a Physical Exploration and a workshop on the theme of closeness and distance, the students will travel to Moers to accompany the performance Parade 24/7. The theatre production addresses the disaster during the Love Parade 2010 in Duisburg. They are currently working on a translation into an excursion suitable for a pandemic.

Claudia Henne, 23 February 2021

The Berlin dance critic and cultural journalist, who worked for decades for Sender Freies Berlin (SFB), rbb and other ARD broadcasting stations, will give an insight into the development of the free dance scenes in the German capital, their artists, collectives and institutions, as part of the focus on "Dance and Politics", which runs through the semester with projects and various courses. What was? What is? And how can you network?

Presentation Mentoring Programme, 19 February 2021

At the end of the semester, the process will be concluded with an exchange and final presentations after the mentees have had several hours of one-on-one meetings with the external experts. At the end of the day, MA CoDE invites to an alumni meeting.

Audition Frankfurt, 13 February 2021

The final part of the audition will also take place via Zoom. We are looking forward to welcoming Generation 9 and to an exciting exchange with the applicants.

Outokumpu Campus Project, Frankfurt/Finland, 01 - 05 February 2021

Meanwhile, all MA CoDE_Groups are conducting the international exchange format and developing a curriculum for the students of Riveria / tanssin koulutus / dance education in Outokumpu. In addition to Ingo Diehl and Susanne Triebel, Amelia Uzategui Bonilla (MA CoDE alumna) is involved in the preparation of this semester project to support the online format. The MA CoDE excursion to Finland in a pandemic-ready format.

Dancers Connect, Friedrich Pohl & Natalie Wagner, 18 January 2021

A new generation of dancers can be found in the professional scene. They demand more solidarity and active participation in their artistic work and focus on the social responsibility of artists. The platform dancers connect has co-initiated this development and will report on upcoming projects and meetings on January 18. In addition, the seminar Dance Politic will shed light on further national and international structures.

Documentation of Dance, 14 - 16 January 2021

How are bodily experiences translated into other materials and documented? Florence Corin and Baptiste Andrien from Contredanse have been dealing with this question for years and continue to find new translations with artists such as Steve Paxton, Anna Halprin and Lisa Nelson. Questions of dance documentation will be presented, as well as current research and documentation results.Contredanse Bruxelles. The topic should find application in own documentation processes.

Thesis Day G8, 11 January 2021

Flanked by exercises in the practice of scientific work and writing, the Thesis Day provides an initial orientation for the upcoming Master's thesis. A first impact on finding a topic.

Whistle while you work, 16 December 2020

The two founders of the initiative, dancer Frances Chiaverini and dramaturg Robyn Doty, discuss #metoo in dance with students. Much has happened since the first incidents came to light in 2016, or not enough yet? The Dance Politics seminar tackles structural changes in the field.

Curriculum Development, December 14, 2020

The structuring of teaching and the clustering of different objectives in teaching projects will be addressed. In this context, Sina Retolaza, the HfMDK's programme development officer, will present the guidelines of the Bologna reform. Concepts from this event will be integrated into the preparation of teaching projects.

Post-Colonial, Katja Schneider, November 09 - 11 and Decolonization, Sigrid Gareis, December 10, 2020

This three-part course includes a reading course on postcolonial theories, a seminar focusing on colonial, postcolonial and decolonized perspectives on race and gender in dance, and a workshop exploring the decolonization of dance as an institution. The aim is also to apply issues of inclusion and exclusion to methodology and teaching practice.

Developmental Patterns & Psychology, Trude Cone, 02 - 04 November and Lea Spahn, 01 - 08 December 2020

Trude Cone, long-time director and lecturer at SNDO - School for new Dance Development - Amsterdam and lecturer for BMC, teaches how creative potential can be released through early childhood movement patterns. In addition, Lea Spahn teaches developmental psychology. Body and Movement Development from an applied and theoretical perspective. The topic is framed by issues of lesson structuring and curriculum development.

FB2 Teaching, starting 02 December 2020

MA CoDE students will teach the Music and Other Forms of Performance module to L1 FB2 students on a weekly basis. Contemporary choreographic signatures will be explored and impetus will be given for incorporation into participants' approaches to teaching. The focus is on choreographic working methods and productions that are relevant in the current postcolonial discourse. A particular challenge is the hygiene rules in the school environment and thus also for the participating group of students.

Movement Analysis, Wibke Hartewig, November 20, 27 & December 04, 2020

Building on the seminar in semester 1, the observation and dance scientific analysis of movement will be deepened and systems of notation will be examined.

HTA Ring Lecture, starting November 12, 2020

The HTA Ring Lecture in the winter semester 20/21 is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Nicolaus Müller-Scholl and Julia Schade on the topic "Theatre and the Crisis of Democracy". The series will take place regularly at the Mousonturm, in compliance with Corona hygiene measures, as well as online.

Performance and Plants, Bojana Kunst, from 02 November 2020

What is a plant? And how does one approach the relationships between plants and performance? In the seminar we will first explore some philosophical approaches to plants, in particular the ontology of the plant (Mader), feminist approaches to the plant (Iragaray) and some approaches beyond the human. We will look at the rich history of plant performance, at gardens and landscapes, at the relationship between plants and theatricality, and at the possible consequences of thinking about the performativity of plants. Our focus will also be on the performances that have explored plants in recent years and on the artistic research that has been done on plants. We will dive deeper into the following words: Dissemination, efflorescence, expectation, botany, herbal, rhizome, outgrowth, colony, symbiosis, root, gender, community, flower, seed, body, phytology, stationary, module.

The seminar will be combined with Gry Tingskog's movement classes and will alternate weekly between the studio and outdoors in parks and nature in Frankfurt. The seminar is part of an ongoing collaboration between MA CuP and MA CoDE.

Semester start and application deadline, 02 November 2020

Bergfest The 8th generation students start their third semester under the special conditions of the pandemic. The start of the new semester marks the end of the application period for potential new 9th generation students.

Special announcements:

Prof. Dr. Katja Schneider held the laudation for the winner of the German Dance Award 2020:Raimund Hoghe

Scholarship of the German National Academic Foundation October 2020

MA CoDE student Adam Shpira Lintner has received the scholarship of the German National Academic Foundation. Congratulations!


Alumnus Gregory Livingston is Guest Lecturer at the Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz in Berlin (HZT) and alumni Jason Jacobs and Katelyn Skelley have been permanent lecturers in the dance department of the HfMDK since the winter semester.

Course development

Exploratory talks on the re-accreditation of MA CoDE are in the pipeline. The process will begin in 2021.