MA CoDE: Winter semester 14/15

NEW MUSIC NIGHT, April 30, 2015

Led by MA CoDE students, Stravinsky's Sacre music will be translated into dance and movement with all interested participants of NEW MUSIC NIGHT. Through simple and practical movement instructions, different approaches to choreographic processes and manuscripts will be facilitated. All those who are hungry for movement and interested in dance are cordially invited to take part in this experiment as part of the NEUE MUSIK NACHT from around 10.30 p.m. in the foyer of the HfMDK.

New Dean of Department 3, April 27, 2015

Prof. Ingo Diehl is the new Dean of Department 3 (Performing Arts) at the HfMDK for three years as of this semester.

Guest Lecture, 20 April 2015

Prof. Ingo Diehl will give a guest lecture as part of the seminar "Contemporary Dance Techniques for Non-Dancers" at Goethe University Frankfurt (Lecturers: Jason Jacobs, Alumni MA CoDE and Leonie Otto). 10 am - 2 pm.

Teacher for special tasks wanted

The MA CoDE is looking for a teacher for special tasks (teaching theory and supervising students). Deadline for applications is May 11, 2015!

biennale Festival tanz nrw for contemporary dance, 19 April 2015

Prof. Ingo Diehl will participate as an expert in the discussion format "The Education of Art", which will take place as part of the festival tanz nrw at PACT Zollverein in Essen. Start of the event: 12 p.m

Beyond ballet - why and how, 17 April 2015

MA CoDE students Otto Akkanen and Hannah Bühler present a workshop entitled "Preservation, Documentation and Collection Management" at the international conference "Beyond ballet why and how" in Arnhem (NL), organised by ArtEZ School of Dance and Ballet Academies Stockholm.

This workshop will give an insight into some basic annotation tools and approaches that practitioners can use for documenting and sharing processes. Participants will be guided through a video annotation process using PM2GO*. We will also show some examples of how the tool is used in creative and educational practice. The session will develop into an open discussion, giving participants the opportunity to reflect on the possible use of annotation in relation to their own documentation needs.

*PM2GO is a free version of Piecemaker Video Annotation Tool, one of Motion Bank's research outputs.

MA CoDE Audition Frankfurt, January 30 - February 1, 2015

After the audition in Helsinki, the MA CoDE also invites you to the audition in the studios of the HfMDK Frankfurt. The next generation of MA CoDE students will start their studies in the summer semester 2015.

MA CoDE Audition Helsinki, 17 - 18 January 2015

In collaboration with ZODIAK - Centre for New Dance, MA CoDE will host an audition in Helsinki for the first time this year. The next generation of MA CoDE students will start their studies in the summer semester 2015.

MA CoDE in Outokumpu, Finland, January 10 - 19, 2015

MA CoDE is going on a field trip to Finland. During this work week MA CoDE students will present current teaching formats and exchange ideas with students from North Karelia College. The work week has been designed in cooperation with North Karelia College in Outokumpu.

TRAINING TOTAL - K3, Centre for Choreography, 15 - 19 December 2014

Training Total is a week-long work format that - inspired by Jenny Beyer's / Sweet&Tender's Treffen Total format - creates an open space for collaborative work and reflection on the topic of professional training in contemporary dance. Together with Jenny Beyer, Ingo Diehl and Kerstin Kussmaul, students of the MA Contemporary Dance Education programme (Frankfurt/Main) and Hamburg-based dance professionals will question fundamental issues of professional training in contemporary dance today. As part of the week, the students of the MA CoDE will design the training as a joint start to the day. Training Total is a joint project of the MA CoDE, University of Music and Performing Arts, Frankfurt am Main and K3, Centre for Choreography / Tanzplan Hamburg. In cooperation with

JOBLINGE, 8 - 12 December 2014

As part of the JOBLINGEhochkreativ initiative, MA CoDE alumnus Gregory Livingston and student Hannah Bühler hosted a five-day dance workshop for the current JOBLINGE group.


Study Day with Katharine Sehnert, November 24, 2014

For the first edition of the new format "Study-Day" Katharine Sehnert has been invited. During the Study-Day, the students will intensively study and work through Katharine Sehnert's working methods and mediation work

Physical Dramaturgy iDAS/tanzhaus nrw, 14 - 16 November 2014

The Master's programme will participate in the 3-day seminar Physical Dramaturgy.
Dramaturgical mediation processes will be reflected in various formats. Workshops, lectures and discussion groups will offer insight into different models of thinking and working methods that open up new approaches not only in choreographic work, but also in other artistic fields and theory. The seminar is aimed at choreographers, dancers, dramaturges and students of various art forms.
LECTURES, PANELS, TALKS a.o. Raimund Hoghe (DE), Jan Martens (BE), Sebastian Matthias (DE), Bojana Mladenovic (NL), Martin Nachbar (DE), Sandra Noeth (DE), Manolis Tsipos (GR/DE), Alexandra Waierstall (CY/DE), VA Wölfl (DE)

Symposium Mediating Cultural Heritage, 25 October - 2 November 2014

At the invitation of the Shanghai Theatre Academy, Prof. Ingo Diehl will give a lecture on "Translation processes in dance mediation using the example of dance techniques 2010". Other guests include MA CoDE partners Scott Delahunta and Florian Jenett from Motion Bank

MA CoDE Teaching Lab, October 12 - 18, 2014

Supported by Tanzlabor_21, MA Contemporary Dance Education (MA CoDE) is expanding its "Wild Week" format. To develop opportunities for exchange between MA CoDE generations on individual teaching approaches, the Teaching Lab will feature professional trainings followed by focused feedback discussions to which all participants are welcome. MA CoDE alumni will lead the Tanzlabor_21 profit trainings and collaborate intensively with students from MA Contemporary Dance Didactics (DOCH/Stockholm) and MA CoDE during this week.