MA CoDE: Summer semester 21

Submission of the Master Thesis, July 20, 2021

Students of the 8th MA CoDE generation submit their Master's theses to complete their studies. We look forward to continued interaction with future alumni.

Anne Collod, July 5-10, 2021

The workshop with Anne Collod will focus on questions of the transmission of choreographic and dance knowledge. Likewise, the possibilities of reconstructing historical works and their physical and performative transformation will be explored using the example of concrete materials on Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn. What methods are used to translate historical material from the archives into a dance present, what appropriations and updates are practiced in the process? How do material and performance relate to each other? In what way can the archive be reinterpreted as a creative process of historical and contemporary dance making? What do these processes have to do with one's own experiences and work contexts? Through the examination of historical materials and their transformation into movement, a space of cultural memory emerges.

Co-teaching, 29 June - 1 July 2021

Students in the 9th MA CoDE Generation will trial new teaching formats in the Methodology sub-module with initial co-teaching sessions and reflect on these through critical feed back processes. Thematic settings of the semester are incorporated into the teaching projects.

MA thesis presentation, June 25, 2021

Generation 8 students present their master's theses.

Movement Analysis, June 10 & 11, 18, 2021

Dance scholar Wibke Hartewig gives an introduction to techniques of observation and analysis of movement. She will present notation systems and their practical application.

Workshop Intertanz: Exercising Nature, June 4 & 5, 2021

As a practical complement to Dance and Plants with Katja Schneider, Fabrice Mazliah will venture into unfamiliar territory with students and transfer his movement practice to the outdoors. A collaborative movement studio in the woods around Frankfurt.

Conflict Management May 27-28 & June 11, 2021

Dana Caspersen, longtime dancer with William Forsythe and specialist in conflict management incorporates her artistic experience into new formats of conflict resolution. She will give students an insight into her "Changing the Conversation" strategy and participatory projects she has realized in recent years.

It is a prelude to a series of seminars that will continue next semester.

Video Documentary, May 18 & 19, 2021

From sensorial awareness to biographical film scripts with Andrea Keiz. The dance videographer will introduce different forms of video documentation in artistic processes and support students in translating biographical aspects into short trailers.

Digitality and Communication, Martina Leeker, May 18, 2021

The input is based on the assumption that theatre and performance are working on a revolutionary and fundamental change within the pandemic period, which is to generate a "real virtual existence". This development could be understood as an unpredictable expansion of digital cultures into a life of "distant socializing". The input will unfold methods and effects of this way of being and communicating, generated in performances, normalizing the former as an integral part of a digital existence.

Dance has a dual role in this process, as it is (1) still associated with a priority of the human body and its virtuosity, on the one hand, and with methods and aesthetics of analogue live performances such as coordination and synchronicity, on the other; which made it difficult for dance to work and perform under pandemic conditions. Therefore, in the pandemic, dance became a kind of reminiscence of direct social contact and exchange in its absence. The (2) history of dance and technology also shows that since the 1960s, dance worked on deconstructing its traditional role by coming to techno-human interactions and techno-social ritualizations. Thus, dance and technology work on a new understanding of human self and identity as collective, accepting a new form of agency as "being-acted" and "being-performed". In this way, dance and technology contribute to generating a fluid transition towards human existence as techno-human agencies in digital cultures.

Somatic Anatomy, May 10-12, 2021

Alumna Laura Hicks teaches somatic anatomy and works on skeletal and functional alignment of the bony musculoskeletal system, Anja Bornsek guides students through somatic anatomical exploration. At the end of the symposium Ka Rustler, Laura Hicks and Anja Bornsek will discuss their approaches to teaching in a discussion moderated by Ingo Diehl.

Methods Symposium, 6 - 8 May 2021

With this conference, the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts would like to address the topic of "Research at the University of the Arts" in a dialogical and interdisciplinary way. The plurality of methods and the different perspectives of academics, artists and research-committed networkers are at the centre of the conference.

Communication Strategies, 4 - 6 May, 25 May 2021

Motologist Lea Spahn will present communication strategies and theories and give an insight into psychomotricity.

Scientific Writing, April 27, 2021

Dr. Katja Schneider will practice ways of creative writing and will focus especially on formats of autobiography and "self-interview", reports and documentations. There will also be an introduction to academic writing.

Curating the Contemporary, April 23, 2021

Bettina Masuch talks to students about the concept of contemporary dance and sharpens it from the perspective of her many years of experience as director of the Tanzhaus NRW and curator of international dance festivals.

Body Mind Centering (BMC), April 20-22, 2021

Ka Rustler studied Body-Mind Centering® in the USA with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and is one of the first to integrate this method of movement analysis and training into contemporary dance in Germany. Her focus in this seminar will be on fluids, organs and fascia and is embedded in the first thematic focus of the semester: Somatic Anatomy.

Dance and Plants, beginning April 19, 2021

Following Bojana Kunst's seminar "Performance and plants", the focus of "Dance and Plants" with Dr. Katja Schneider is on pieces and performances that refer to flowers, plants and organic matter. With reference to dance history, artistic strategies such as gardens as a metaphor in classical dance (Marius Petipa's "Jardin anime" in his balletLe Corsaire), flowers as visual effects in performances by Loie Fuller or flower arrangements in films and shows by Busby Berkely will be examined. Niddy Impekwen's soloThe Life of the Flower, for example, is examined in the context of vitalism and expressionist dance, as are Pina Bausch's stenography with carnation, earth and grass, or the masses of flowers in Jan Fabre'sPreparatio mortis. Anna Halprin'sDances with Nature will lead to Mette Ingvartsen'sEvaporated Landscapes and environmental art in general.

Online Symposium "U can't touch this" Physical Proximity in Times of Social Distancing, April 16 & 17, 2021

With: Scott DeLahunta (Coventry/Mainz) onLanguaging and Touching, Gerko Egert (Gießen) onRelational Bodies. Touch in Contemporary Dance, Dieter Heitkamp (Frankfurt a. Ma.) on WRONG CONTACT ZONE - Teaching Contact Improvisation in Times of Corona, Sofia Muñoz Carneiro (Munich, Santiago di Chile) onThe haptic presence. Intertwines between touch and presence in contemporary dance,Katelyn Skelley (Frankfurt am Main) onThe Limits of your Skin: Dancers' Narratives on Pregnancy, Birth and Early Motherhood, Amelia Uzategui Bonilla (Frankfurt am Main) on Vitality and Erotics in Afro-Indigenous digital dancing,Katja Schneider (Frankfurt a. M.) on Choreographies of Distance,Covid-19-Pandemic and Project in Public Space,Sascha Dickel (Mainz) on Distant Socializing. Three theses on sociality at a distance, as well as a discussion with the director Falk Richter and the HfMDK members Hannah Shakti Bühler, Martin Nachbar and Susanne Triebel on the question of what it means to have to observe rules of distance in theatre, dance and performance, on stage and in the studio - especially in art forms in which physical proximity is understood as fundamental.


Online Reading Course on Dance History, starting 16 April 2021

Dr. Katja Schneider will read various texts fromNew German Dance Studies with the students.

HTA Ring Lecture, starting 15 April 2021

The HTA Ring Lecture in the summer semester 2021 has been curated on the topic "Directing Today - Positions of Contemporary Theatre". Prof. Marion Tiedke from the acting department of the HfMDK is responsible. The lecture will take place exclusively digitally.

Physical class, 13 & 14 April 2021

Katelyn Skelley and Amelia Uzategui Bonilla (both alumna G7) share their own movement practice with new students in a co-teaching format.

Semester Start, April 12, 2021

For the summer semester 2021, we welcome the new international students of Generation 9. After the first introductory days, intensive biographical work processes form the entry into the study program. At the same time, the last semester begins for Generation 8. They focus on the research and final phase of their Master's theses.