MA CoDE: summer semester 2024

mehrere weiß-pinke Application Postkarten liegen neben- und aufeinander
(Foto: Jennifer Schmid)

April, 2nd - 8th, Exchange Stockholm University of the Arts 3

MA CoDE welcomes Ami Skånberg Dahlstedt and Tone Pernille Østern as well as students from M.A.D.E in Frankfurt. During the week on "Documentation, Reflection and Critical Review", different methods of documentation, reflection and the analysis of artistic and mediation processes will be considered. As an example, the students will work with Research Catalogue, an international database for artistic research.


April 10th - 27th, Research Project

MA CoDE deals with the artistic working methods of Ioannis Mandafounis, the new director and choreographer of the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company. The students will work with the text, film and interview material "A Choreographic Methdology" and will annotate the performance "Lisa" (premiere on 28.03. at Schauspiel Frankfurt) and get to know Ioannis Mandafounis' working methods in the studio. From these different perspectives, the students will develop lessons for different target groups and try them out during the semester.


April 16th - June 11th, Postcolonialism in Dance 

In an ongoing seminar, students deal with postcolonialism and the current discourse on decolonization in dance. It is prepared and conducted by Amelia Uzategui Bonilla and addresses aspects of empowerment and resilience.


May 12th - 17th, Excursion Outokumpu, Finland

During this working week, the MA CoDE students will present future-oriented teaching formats with individual profiles. They developed a curriculum that will be used in undergraduate and contemporary education in Outokumpu and discussed with the teachers there. This is the eighth collaboration with Riveria / tanssin koulutus / dance education in Outokumpu, which was designed for the students.  


May, 18th & 19th, June, 07th & 08th, Audition MA CoDE

The first audition will take place in Helsinki on May 18th + 19th and the audition on June 7th + 8th at the HfMDK in Frankfurt will conclude the application process for a new group of students.


May 22nd - June 26th, Teachings in Fachbereich 2 

MA CoDE students teach the module Music and other forms of performance to L1 students of FB2. Contemporary choreographic manuscripts and improvisation methods are physically tested and at the same time impulses are given for integration into the participants' teaching approaches.


July 3rd - 7th, Think Big! Festival Munich

MA CoDE takes part in the Think Big! Festival and the "Tanz von Anfang an" symposium in Munich. The festival is internationally renowned for its dance and performance mediation projects for a younger audience. At the same time, the students will meet selected representatives of the institutions in Munich and discuss questions of dance policy.


July 11th, Mentoring

At the end of the semester, the students share their mentoring processes in the group and disclose their individual processes and agreements between mentor and mentee.


HTA-Ring lecture "Learning to learn"

Learning is something that affects us all. Knowledge is not objective, and learning is not neutral either. Nevertheless, we often do it without questioning it more closely. Who learns what using which methods? How have universities and colleges long been spaces that not only tell us what to learn, but also dictate how we should learn? What is excluded from academic learning and why? And what approaches are there, especially in and from the arts, to practicing other ways and forms of learning, knowledge production and knowledge sharing?

The HTA lecture series invites five positions to five sessions, each of which will share their strategies, practices and techniques of other, playful or artistic learning with us in a lecture followed by a workshop.

Penny Rafferty 

On Learning and Games: Thu, May 2nd, 18-20h 


Pavel Dudus & Melanie Bonajo 

On Queer Community Learning: Thu, May 23rd, 18-20h


Alex Martinis Roe

On Feminist Learning: Thu, July 11th, 18-20h 


Valentina Desideri 

On Learning as Artistic Practice: Thu, July 18th, 18-20h