MA CoDE: Scholarships for students

When being accepted for the study place, students of the MA CoDE receive a scholarship of 500 euros per month for the first three semesters - thanks to a strong alliance of four foundations

Those who study in the MA CoDE have good career prospects, but initially take a great risk financially. This is where the scholarship program comes in, for which four foundations have joined forces. Almost 15 years after the start of the English-language Master Contemporary Dance Education program, the HfMDK is able to offer all applicants a scholarship for the first time thanks to this support.

"What the foundation alliance makes possible for the students cannot be overestimated," says program director Prof. Ingo Diehl, describing the new situation. The entire professional field will benefit from this, he adds. "The scholarship program is a huge gift, as it makes the students' daily lives so much easier, allowing them to focus even more on their topics and goals."

The scholarship program at a glance

  • Starting in the winter semester 2023/24
  • Up to six MA CoDE students will each receive 500 euros per month for the first three semesters of the masters study program
  • Sponsored by the foundation alliance of Aventis Foundation, Crespo Foundation, ODDO BHF Foundation and Randstad Foundation

Information about the study program & application

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Lila und hellblauer Kleks auf weißem Hintergrund
(Foto: HfMDK Frankfurt)


To finance their everyday studies or to carry out artistic or pedagogical projects, HfMDK students can apply for numerous internal - made possible by the HfMDK and its sponsors* - and external scholarships and support. We will be happy to advise you personally in your search for a suitable scholarship.