Lecturers in the acting diploma program

The permanent teaching team

Teachers for role and scene

Teachers for breath, voice and speech technique and singing

Teachers for body and movement

Lecturers for theory

  • Dr. Dagmar Borrmann, teaches theory, staging analysis and theatre history
  • Peter Michalzik teaches performance and authorship as well as theatre history and mentors the independent scenic diploma theses
  • Marcus Droß teaches theory "Performance"

Teachers for career studies

  • Prof. Thomas Schmidt, who heads the theatre and orchestra management training course, instructs students in NV solo stage law.
  • Jochen Doell or Sophie Molitoris run a casting agency and give the students a first overview for agencies and castings.
  • Markus Gläser leads a workshop on self-marketing and communication.
  • Jens Schoenenberg (DSC Group) gives an overview of social security as a freelancer.
  • Anica Happich and Jakob Arnold teach a webinar series on the topic of "Starting a Career".

Excellent guest lecturers