Corona info

Here you will find all information, current measures and regulations of the HfMDK in dealing with the Covid pandemic.

Current rules

Abstands- und Hygienekonzept der HfMDK Frankfurt zum Schutz vor Infektionen durch SARS-CoV-2

Stand: 19. April 2022

What should I do if my Covid test is positive?

In case of a positive antigen test, the university must not be entered or must be left again. The test must be confirmed by a PCR test. If this is negative, the person may enter the university. If it is positive, the person must go into quarantine.

Reporting cases of infection

  • for employees of the university there the obligation remains to report to the employer an infection or the status as a close contact person or a segregation after return journey (according to the current entry regulation) or segregation ordered by the health department (please contact the personnel department:
  • all university employees: if you test positive for Covid-19,please notify all close contacts at the university immediately to help contain further transmission and adhere closely to the current quarantine regulations


Federal and state adopted quarantine rules apply, please refer to the federal government website for details.

Boosters and self-tests

Please continue to remember this:

  • Even as vaccinated or recovering individuals, please take advantage of the opportunity for regular self-testing even where not specifically required to minimize the risk of infection at the university.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity for a "booster" vaccination to protect yourself well for current and future waves of infection

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