Sponsored concert exams at the HfMDK


The Konzertexamen (Concert exam) is the highest artistic degree at the HfMDK. The program trains highly talented students to become competitive soloists in concert life. The prerequisite for the course is a successfully completed diploma examination, a master's degree or an equivalent examination.

Thanks to the generous support of the Deutsche Bank Foundation, the students can take their exams under professional concert conditions / in the context of an orchestra concert. For this purpose, they prepare a solo concert with a thematic program. They perform it in public, true to the work, with orchestral accompaniment. The young musicians demonstrate their knowledge of music theory and present their extraordinary artistic abilities. Since 2015, three concert examinations of the HfMDK have taken place annually at the Stadttheater Gießen.

In 2021, no Konzertexamina could take place in Gießen. Thanks to the generous support of the Deutsche Bank Foundation, two Konzertexamina could be performed at the HfMDK for which the students put together an ensemble themselves.


»The special thing about the Concert Exam is that students can set their own focus during their studies to a much greater extent than in other degree programs. This allows students to dive deeply into a subject of their own choice. For me, in addition to playing contemporary music, it was also playing baroque chamber music and baroque concertos with an orchestration - my three main pillars of recorder playing. It is not always possible to play with a large orchestra, so I was very pleased that the financial support from the Deutsche Bank Foundation enabled me to do so!«Caroline Rohde, Master Concert Exam
(Foto: Laura Brichta)