PLAY! With Nikki Iles and the hr-Bigband

Porträt von Nikki Iles, sie steht neben einem Klavier und hält ein Notenblatt in der Hand.
(Foto: Nikki Iles)

The next phase of the MA Bigband with the hr-Bigband will be led by Nikki Iles. From July 2 to 13, the British pianist and composer will be working with the students and musicians of the hr-Bigband. The program will conclude with two concerts in the hr radio studio.

Nikki Iles comes from Dunstable, Bedfordshire, has her own big band, the Nikki Iles Jazz Orchestra, and is also Professor of Composition and Arranging at the Royal Academy of Music in London. In 2023, she was engaged as Artist in Residence with the NDR Big Band.

A perfect basis to teach the MA Bigband students a lot about playing and writing for a big band and to perform it live with them.


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