Discover the musicology collections at Goethe University


A warm invitation to a fascinating journey of discovery through the musicological collections of the Goethe University Library!

Are you enthusiastic about musicological source research? Would you like to enrich your bibliographies for term papers or presentations with a wider selection of sources? Are you simply curious about the treasures that the university library has to offer? Or looking for another place where you can work and study?Then this guided tour is just right for you!

Our journey starts on February 19, 2024 at 3 pm. The meeting point is in front of the Library for Linguistics and Cultural Studies (BSKW) on the Westend campus (Rostocker Straße 2).

We will start with an entertaining exploration of the premises and an introduction to catalog before we continue our journey to the Central Library (ZB) on the Bockenheim campus. There you can expect, among other things, interesting facts about manuscripts, how to use the special collection and information about interlibrary loans before we conclude our journey of discovery at around 5.30 pm.

If you do not yet have a library card for the university library, you can apply for one online in advance (see below)
online in advance (see below).

The card is free of charge for students and can be obtained after the tour on presentation of your identity card/certificate of registration and your semester ticket.

If this event is interesting for you, please contact Theresa Bub by e-mail with your name and your degree program.

We look forward to discovering the musical treasures together with you!