Dance at the Mousonturm: The TIMES / The DEPTHS


On June 7, 8 and 9, BADance students from the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts will present an evening at Künstler*innenhaus Mousonturm with six pieces that deal with concepts such as order and wildness, direction and deviation, reason and intuition.

The title is an appeal to tune in to the spirit of the times and the spirit of the depths, as Carl Jung put it - to the forces that drive us in inconspicuous, everyday activities as well as in creative and artistic activities. In close collaboration with guest choreographers Rena Butler, Kristian Lever and Sade Mamedova, the students have created three new works. With "workwithinwork" by honorary professor William Forsythe, "Samples of Change" by Kristel van Issum and "Boléros" by Prof. Damian Gmür, three existing, newly rehearsed works will also be shown.

Following the premiere on June 7, there will be a discussion with Sade Mamedova, Rena Butler and Kristian Lever, moderated by the students and Prof. Dr. Katja Schneider (HfMDK Frankfurt, Dance Studies).

Until the premiere, we present insights into the rehearsals here and on Instagram.

»This is my fourth time coming here, creating for the first year. I'm creating a piece that involves the whole group and I'm working very much with the individuals, with the potential that every dancer has. (...) The concept that I would love to portray is, as I call it, how to recreate a failed society. So it's a world where we just start to relearn how to touch, how to talk, how to be with each other, how to love, how to connect. How to be next to each other. It's a relearning process, let's say. «Sade Mamedova, choreographer
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»Your biggest superpower as an artist is being yourself. (...) I always say, if you're not having an experience, we won't have an experience in the audience. And I think for them to have an experience, they have to put their own voice into it.«Kristian Lever, choreographer
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»Wow, the BA Dance students are phenomenal. I'm here working with the second year students and they're so hungry, they're so eager, they're so passionate. (...) I want to give them a full experience, an experience that both plays to their strengths but also challenges them in the studio. And so by the end of it, they can look back and feel like they've expanded themselves, that they've explored and that they've grown artistically, personally, and I think as a company of dancers together.«Rena Butler, choreographer
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