Corona rules for event attendance

In view of the still very high number of infections in Frankfurt, the Presidential Board has decided that the current regulations on the mandatory use of masks will remain in force until further notice in order to protect university staff and to avoid major interruptions in study activities.

However, the Presidential Board recommends that all members of the university and visitors to the HfMDK continue to carry out regular self-tests where possible and to ensure individual vaccination protection in accordance with the current recommendations of the STIKO in order to protect themselves and others.

In the event of a significant decline in the incidence in Frankfurt, the Corona team and the Presidential Board will consider (also depending on the infection incidence at the university) when further relaxation is possible.


Rules from April 2, 2022

  • Access restrictions for events no longer apply (i.e., proof of vaccination or testing is no longer required)
  • Masks are still required in the audience (OP mask sufficient, FFP2 recommended)
  • 50% of the seating in halls can be occupied until further notice

Mandatory masks

Mandatory masks

The mask obligation applies in all interior public areas of the university (foyer, stairwells, hallways, elevators) as well as in the event halls - also during the event at the seat.

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