Corona rules for event attendance

With the elimination of a large number of government-mandated infection control measures, each and every one of us has a high degree of personal responsibility. Since we have great confidence in your sense of responsibility, the obligation to wear a mask is waived.

However, the Presidential Board recommends that all members of the university and visitors to the HfMDK continue to wear a mask whenever possible, to carry out regular self-tests and to ensure individual vaccination protection in order to protect themselves and others.

As of June 3, 2022 the following applies

  • There are still no access restrictions (i.e. no proof of vaccination or testing is required)
  • In the audience there is only an urgent recommendation to wear a mask, not a mandate (OP mask sufficient, FFP2 recommended) - however, especially out of consideration for the contributors we kindly ask the audience to wear a mask
  • The hall occupancy is no longer subject to any restrictions
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